Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?
What kind of benefits come with Genesis NFTs?
What blockchain secures Kindeck?
What cryptocurrencies can I use to pay for my NFTs?
How do you ensure my privacy?
How can I get an Inception NFT?
What is Lens?
What is Superfluid?
What is Social Capital?
Who can buy my NFTs?
Can each social network/community start its own DAO, separate from the Genesis DAO?
What fees are associated with using the Kindeck platform?
Is Kindeck custodial?
What tokens do you use for payouts?
Can I have more than one Inception and/or Genesis NFT?
I am interested but have some concerns or more questions. I’d feel better if I could speak to someone. Is that possible?
Can I sell my NFTs?
Where can I find more info about Kindeck?
Is there a Kindeck token?
If all Genesis NFTs are sold out, can I still sign up to the application?

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