Kindeck: Decentralized Infrastructure to Democratize Connectivity and Validate Ownership of Social Capital.

Our premise is simple. Your connections. Your networks. Your ownership. Your control. Kindeck is a tool in your hands to hold your own to lay claim to one of your greatest assets — your social connectivity.
Kindeck’s core objective is to empower everyone with a decentralized, blockchain-verified platform to store their social data and optimize engagement through innovative tools that enhance connectivity free of manipulation and control.
The Kindeck NFT, a non-fungible, irreversible record, is yours to leverage as you please, on your terms, including the option to sell it on a peer-to-peer basis.


To Empower

Freedom of opportunity to own and engage your social capital.

To Liberate Engagement

Kindeck enables true ownership, verifiable and irreversible.

To Optimize Engagement

Kindeck enhances social connectivity.

To Reward Engagement

Kindeck supports leveraging social capital.

To Expand Engagement

Kindeck incentivizes network growth.


Kindeck Is Interactive

We are all about engagement and human connection. We will embrace human interaction enhanced by smart tools, rather than allowing technology to override relationships.

Kindeck Is Inclusive

We celebrate diversity and intrinsic human value. We invite participation from people from all walks of life and social groups.

Kindeck Is Innovative

We seek to leverage the latest technology trends to empower our community, especially tech solutions that stimulate discussion, connection, and enrichment.

Kindeck Has Integrity

We are committed to conducting business and all interactions with integrity and transparency. We will treat all partners, stakeholders, clients, and the global community with honesty and respect.

Bootstrap Your Network

Secure one of the limited edition Genesis NFTs, which give you exclusive lifetime benefits, airdrops, DAO membership, network access, and more. Choose from five different tiers, and a finite supply of 24442.


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