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Powered by Aave's Lens Protocol, the first fully decentralized NFT social graph, Kindeck enables true data ownership and helps you secure your position within your social landscape.
We have built a decentralized social networking and influencer application that runs on blockchain technology, leveraging the benefits of distributed ledgers and programmable money, guaranteeing user-owned data and real-time micropayments.
Additionally, in the Kindeck network, your connections are supercharged by shared revenue streams that automatically flow -- powered by SuperFluid -– the money-streaming primitive of cryptocurrency.

In our application, your social capital is measured via your Kindeck NFT, which is verifiably owned by you on the blockchain and carries your network positioning and distribution attributes.
Kindeck can deliver trustless social networking solutions in which users can enhance the value of their NFTs by expanding their networks and ongoing engagement.
Kindeck's decentralized application is meant for a mass audience, as brands, influencers, artists, independent sales associates, and network marketers across any industry can leverage our technology and benefit from owning and controlling their social network, data, connections, transactions, and value flows.
Discover the power of blockchain-powered human connection. Hold your own with Kindeck.

Genesis NFT
Bootstrap Your Network

Secure one of the limited edition Genesis NFTs, which give you exclusive lifetime benefits, airdrops, DAO membership, network access, and more. Choose from five different tiers, and a finite supply of 24442.

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