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A Web3 P2P Social-Commerce Network

Kindeck is the first decentralized P2P social-commerce platform allowing complete control over your social capital.
Our protocol enables full ownership of one’s social network connections and data, with automated, real-time, peer-to-peer reward distributions streaming across your community.

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Build your Network.
Grow your influence.

Build a Community

Claim your position in a fully decentralized social graph. Kindeck supports a performance-driven approach to networking, where the protocol automatically delivers payments to you and your team.


Grow your Reach

Grow your network’s influence by competing in commerce, and optimize your business operations for expansion. Equip your community with intelligent tools that encourage productivity and engagement.


Earn in Multiples

Earn commissions and rewards with your entire community. Build a strong leadership team, get paid in real-time, and multiply your earnings natively on the Kindeck platform.

What is Kindeck? 


Kindeck is a fully permissionless protocol that ensures your freedom to engage and interact with people is free from censorship and manipulative algorithms.


Own Your Network

Fully own your data and social capital. Manage, grow, and monetize your social network and connections through our decentralized platform.


Immutable Txs

Earn without interference while simultaneously benefitting your entire network with commission-based distributions.

Engage: Genesis NFT

Genesis NFT holders are stakeholders in Kindeck’s ecosystem and founding members of the most powerful organization in the Kindeck ecosystem:

The Genesis DAO

Mint limited edition Genesis NFTs to secure your network’s position and potential. Allow your followers to organize and structure your team to maximize their income potential.


  • Exclusive Limited Genesis NFT Mint
  • Genesis NFT Holder Onboarding
  • Kindeck Inception NFT Claim
  • BETA Launch of Kindeck App V0.1
  • Active Subscription Model
  • 2
  • Profile, Follow, Collect and Publication NFTs
  • Optimized B2B Onboarding
  • Launch of Genesis DAO
  • Customizable Commission Logic
  • Public Release of Asset NFTs
  • 3
  • Public Inception NFT Mint
  • User Store Front End Customization
  • User DAO Creation
  • Trading Deck & Marketplace
  • DeFi Integration
  • Community Link:

    Join the Kindeck community to grow your influence in ways you never imagined before.


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